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    korean American Logistics Association
    Korean American Logistics Association (KALA) is composed of Korean companies and individuals based in or reside in the United States, that engage in or are employed in the industry of air & ocean cargo transportation, forwarding, customs clearance, trucking, and warehousing, and that are in agreement with the purposes and pursuits of the organization.
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    The purpose of KALA
    The purpose of KALA is to contribute to promotion and trade with our homeland Korea, to strengthen relationship through active participation and operational cooperation with Korea-based logistics businesses, and to promote amicable relationship through sharing logistics- related information and increasing collaboration and mutual benefits among member firms.
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    KALA's main businesses
    Research, development, and implementation of businesses that can be of help to members’ business
    Communication with Korean government & its trade-related governmental departments regarding trade and logistics-related policies and all operational procedures; Seeking counsel & advice and submitting proposals related to the above, if necessary
    Sharing and exchanging information pertaining to new markets; Coming up with measures necessary to respond to new developments in the industry
    Sharing and exchanging information among members related to the industry
    Research and development of logistics business within the U.S.
    Establishing and maintaining communication channels related to the organization, such as a website and publications
    Planning and organizing various events designed to promote and cultivate friendly relations among members
    Other activities related to achieving purposes and goals of KALA