Dear Esteemed KALA members,

Happy New Year! Greetings from Andrew Seo, serving as the president of KALA.. With the start of the 2021, I hope and pray for your health and prosperity of your business.  I sincerely hope that you will continue to work diligently and proactively to overcome these worsening economic conditions and achieve all your business goals.

KALA has grown into an influential organization not only in the Korean logistics industry, but also in the US mainstream logistics industry. Today, KALA's stature is the dedication and leadership of the first chairman Lee Hang-deok, the great initiative and expansion efforts of the 2nd Representative Choi Han-jung, and the passionate execution of the 3rd Representative Jun-Seung Baek on meticulous planning and strategy. The 4th Representative Lee Joong-ryul's excellent planning ability and successful event promotion have further developed. Best of all, it would not have been possible without the help and support of all members of KALA.

As the 5th president, I spent the first year and second year of my term resolving in my heart to humbly do my best to serve KALA, so it can become a competitive, prestigious, and internally stable association. However, whenever I look back on last year, I still feel that I was inadequate and lacking in many areas. So I ask for a great deal of encouragement and support from you this year.

2020 has been undoubtedly a tough and painful year for all of us in the freight forwarding industry due to the coronavirus outbreak. In particular, the collapse of the global medical system led to a logistics disruption and came as a shock to us, and as a result, many member companies suffered serious financial losses. Having learned a painful but important lesson, we must gather in this case and recover together to become stronger in the future.

Traditional programs such as the annual KALA CEO Forum and KALA Golf Tournament, Terminal Tour, DG Training, Logistics Academy, Economic Conference and Seminar, and Year End Party were not normally held. I hope the coronavirus outbreak is coming to an end soon. So, I would like to invite all member companies to the event again.

The global economy this year is considered somewhat promising with the start of the new administration of Joe Biden. However, many uncertain aspects remain, and even the US economy is expected to show low levels of growth. In this difficult environment, we hope that our KALA members will cooperate and gather our resources to overcome and overcome this difficult time. Large enterprises can cooperate jointly to procure business from mainstream enterprises, while small enterprises can cooperate with each other to increase freight competitiveness and reduce unnecessary costs. In this way, I hope to be able to create a symbiotic relationship as a member of KALA.

For this purpose, I promise to serve you with all my heart and strength. Once again, I sincerely request your full participation and guidance. Thank you.

Andrew Seo
KALA President